Sam lives in New York  Unfortunately he's written this intro numerous times...and it really does get better and more coherent over time...unfortunately recent edits have been mysteriously erased.... but will be added soon.

Sam Goldberg lives in New York City and was born in The Bronx. 

My interest in studio arts began at the High School of Music and Art, then took the proverbial fork in the road as I somewhat enthusiastically  participated in the generational lifestyle of the late sixties at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  

Somewhat miraculously, the last three credits required for graduation could be satisfied by an "advanced" fine arts painting class.  The rest so to speak, is history, certainly mine anyway.

First the dream, pursuing my passion for painting, and Van Gogh in particular, I hoped to save enough money to relocate to Southern France and paint.  for whatever reason .... this never happened.


New York City 1965-1975, was an especially exciting time for painting,  minamilism,  craftmanship, emotional, abstract constructavision. which was reflected in the faculty at CCNY/Lehman that featured such influential artists and thinkers as Kent Floeter, Sal Romano, and Arun Bose.

Influences include a wide variety of courses at the School of Visual Art; photographic design, graphic design, typography, textile design and advanced painting, as well as figurative sculpture at the New York Academy of Art.  Each class offered its own language, providing a  hands-on foundation as well as an introduction to a cornucopia of materials, colors, textures, drafting skills, photography, introducing an expanded vocabulary and the opportunity to meet and work with wide variety of creative people and artists of all of those disciplines.