Kanji Series, MIxed Media, 18" x 18" 

Original Kanji Panel, 2014-2015

Mixed Media,  2.5" x4.48 in.

Exhibits, Commissions, Private Collections, Location Specific Projects, Staging, and other applications 11" x 14" to 44" x 44"      Black and White and Hand-Colored Giclee Prints

Why matchbooks?

The SG Riverside Foundry... "Manhole Covers Reimagined

SGMB Frames

These "Galleries" represent distinct themes and projects that continue to evolve. Each content area has its own aesthetic, and approach to materials and process.  When you get a chance, please look at each gallery to hear how it came to be and where it might be headed.  

                        Thanks sg

Posters are available as Giclee Prints Individual panels and various series are also available as original pieces

​​ SGMB Matchbooks   

From SGMB/Frames Tulips, Mixed media, Original Photography and hand-cut Giclee prints,

5" x 7"   9" x 13"  `15" x 20" 

Kanji Series, MIxed Media, 18" x 18" 

SGMB  2007- 2009, 12" x 8" Detail of Original 

Frames, Series One, Giclee Print 22" x 30"